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Whether you are a Network Member, parent of a child in Scouting, or someone who is totally new to Scouting you've come to the right place.

One of the biggest myths about Scouting is that Groups are closing down due to a lack of young people wanting to become Members. Nothing could be further from the truth; in the UK has over 400,000 young people enjoying Scouting, over 11,000 in Cheshire and around 200 in Frodsham.  Scouting is a growing Movement.


At 4th Frodsham Scout Group we currently have young people on our waiting lists for Beavers and Scouts simply because we do not have enough adults to help out, the waiting list is such for Beavers that in some cases we are not able to offer them a space until they are nearly the age for cubs.  If we can increase the number of Adults Leaders and/or Helpers then we can eliminate our waiting list and these young people will be able to enjoy the adventure that much sooner.  The committment can be as small as 1 hour a month, or as much as you are willing to give!


To give young people in Frodsham and district to opportunity do this:



There are many reasons why adults choose to volunteer for Scouting. Here are some that existing volunteers have given at 4th Frodsham:

  • To give something back to the community

'I believe the kids get such a lot out of it; I just put a bit back for what the kids take out.'

  • To support the Leaders

'They give so much, you've got to give some of that back.'

  • Because volunteering is a 'good thing'

'I just personally believe that you should always do some kind of voluntary work...otherwise nothing would get done in this world.'

  • As an enabler, so the Leader can do more

'If I can help Cara, our Beaver Leader, out by doing the little things, then it means she has got more time to give the kids and then they get more out of it.'

  • To spend more quality time with your child

'David used to go on his Xbox or computer while I did jobs around the house - now we get a chance to do activities together.'

  • To develop your own skills and do something practical

'I spend all day at work constantlly answering emails, writing reports, being on the phone with little chance to really interact with others, this gives me the chance to do practical activities were I can seen in front of me the enjoyment it brings and it really helps me to switch off from work'

  • To enjoy and rediscover adventure for yourself

'We had an Easter Egg hunt in the forest at Beavers the other week, it was great!'

'We gathered sticks and branches, made a fire and cooked marshmallows over it in Cubs.  Yummy!'

'It was mid-summer's night at 9pm when we walked along part of Offa's Dyke to Dmas Bray Castle where we slept under the stars in sleeping bags.  At dawn, we took photos of the rising sun as we walked down into Llangollen were we had hot chocolate and bacon butties in a cafe by the canal.   Can't wait until next year night hike!'

Chief Scout Bear Grylls says:

'I wasn't involved in Scouting until someone asked me and I jumped at the chance. Adventure isn't just for young people or those of us already wearing neckerchiefs; it's for everyone. There's lots of talent among our 800,000 parents. Let's bring some of that into Scouting. Just ask - that's all it takes.'

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